Young Animal Feed

High quality nutrition impacts lifetime performance

Trouw Nutrition's innovative LifeStart programme brings together world-class expertise in the critical early-stage animal health and nutrition with practical farm management experience to find sustainable ways of improving productivity. Our range of quality young animal feed products is essential to unlocking that natural genetic potential of the young animal. 

Milk replacer production for young ruminants is one of the core business areas within Trouw Nutrition GB where our CMR's are produced. Research and development in milk replacer technology commands a large part of the research budget in order to provide farmers with the best products to deliver optimum animal performance.

Milkivit is a brand of superior-quality calf milk replacers, each one formulated to give your calves the best start in life and to give you the best-performing investment in the health and performance of your herd.

Milkivit is an investment in the health and performance of your herd. With Milkivit you give your calf the best start – it’s more than just calf milk. Natural and sustainable, Milkivit contains specially selected dairy products and highly digestible oils and proteins to satisfy the needs of fast-growing calves, plus vitamins and minerals to promote health and a reduced need for antibiotics.


Milkiwean baby pig feeds are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of young pigs to optimise growth and performance. Produced to the highest nutritional and QC standards in our specialist young animal feeds factory in Belgium, Milkiwean is rapidly becoming the brand of choice among discerning pig producers.

 Milkiwean provides total piglet performance for dedicated professionals. Through innovation and on-farm experience, Milkiwean has developed tailored feeding programmes to boost feed intake during pre- and post- weaning. With the right feeding programme and on-farm support, Milkiwean can fulfil the needs of each farmer helping to achieve optimal piglet performance.

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