Nutrition at Tupping

Pre tupping planning and preparation is essential if good conception rates are to be achieved.

  • Ram accounts for 50% of flock therefore important to

-       Ensure diet regulation 3-4 months pre tupping

-       Maintain BCS 3.5 – 4.0 (accounting for loss of up to 0.5 per week whilst working)

-       Receive a high quality (magnesium free) mineral to ensure optimum sperm production

  • The ewe is likely to benefit from pre-mating flushing.
  • Ewes in reasonable condition score (2.5 – 3.0) tend to respond well to being placed on a rising plane of nutrition, starting from 4 weeks before, until tupping is finished.
  • A well balanced, specific ewe mineral should always be included in the diet.
  • Ewes that have a high condition score (>4) should be slimmed down 2-3 months before tupping since reducing nutrient intake during the tupping period can reduce ovulation rates.
  • Following tupping, keep the ewe on the pre-mating diet for the first month of pregnancy. Avoid big changes in diet composition.
  • Mid-pregnancy is a holding time when ewes can tolerate lower quality forages. However these can be deficient in minerals and RDP therefore provision of a supplementary feed bucket can be advisable.
  • After 90 days placental growth is complete but foetal weight is only 15% of the final weight. Late pregnancy is when it all starts to happen!