Sopralin is manufactured from soya bean meal, contains 46.5% crude protein, of which 90% is UDP (Undegradable Dietary Protein).  The inclusion of Sopralin in ruminant diets provides a quality source of UDP.

Often, high producing ruminants have a protein requirement in excess of their capacity to produce microbial protein from the rumen.  To maintain maximum productive efficiency, this protein deficit is corrected by the inclusion of a quality source of UDP in the diet.

Sopralin is beneficial in dairy cows, dry cows, calves, heifer and beef diets; as well as in ewes pre-lambing.


Sopralin contains 46.5% crude protein 90% of which is in the form of UDP



Increased protein utilisation efficiency and improve milk production

Dry Cows

Increasing the levels of UDP to dry cows has been shown to increase calf vitality


Increasing the UDP levels in prolific ewes prior to lambing is important for lamb growth, udder development and subsequent milk production

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