Two steps to improve gut health and performance

The health status of the animals has a strong influence on financial results. A healthy microbial balance is crucial for optimal feed utilisation and animal performance. The positive effect of Selacid on performance is achieved in 2 steps.

Step 1: Reduces stomach pH

The synergistic blend of free organic acids in Selacid reduces the pH and the feed’s buffering capacity in the stomach. This leads to an improved feed digestion and it may help to maintain a stable microbiota. A low pH in the stomach supports the natural barrier against Gram negative bacteria. The pH reducing effect is particularly important for young animals and animals under challenging conditions as the pH in their stomach is relatively high.

Step 2: May help to improve microbial balance

Young animals are especially vulnerable at the start of the production phase, when their intestinal microbiota is still developing. The buffered organic acids in Selacid may help to maintain a stable intestinal microbiota and thereby giving these young animals a good start.

Reduces buffering capacity

Selacid products reduce the buffering capacity of feed, leading to a quicker and better stomach acidification which is reflected in a lower stomach pH. The buffering capacity is the ability of feed (ingredients) to neutralise endogenous acids. Feed with a high buffering capacity prevent a quick and adequate reduction of the stomach pH value leading to suboptimal digestion. The digestion of protein benefits most from reducing the buffering capacity as the protein degrading enzyme pepsin shows the best activity at a low stomach pH level of around 3. The improved digestive effect of a low stomach pH continues at the intestinal level. The lower the stomach pH, the more pancreatic juice is produced to neutralise the substrate coming from the stomach. This pancreatic juice contains digestive enzymes that help in the further break down of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.



  • Synergistic blend of free and buffered organic acids
  • Highly buffered product, high dosage possible
  • All products are available in a liquid and dry (on carrier) form.


  • Reduces feed buffering capacity in stomach
  • Supports digestion
  • May help to maintain a stable intestinal microbiota
This is a Selko product