Pregnasure is composed of 3 main components, which influence fertility at hormonal level:

Glycerol - Research has shown that glycerol can significantly increase blood glucose levels in donor cows. This in turn has a positive effect on a hormone called Insulin like growth factor or IGF. High IGF levels improve follicle development resulting in larger and more numerous follicles at ovulation. Cows with low blood glucose produce lower numbers of smaller follicles.

Omega 3 Oils - The main omega-3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA which research has conclusively shown have 2 main benefits: Improvement of follicle development in conjunction with high blood glucose levels. Fertilisation failure and early embryo death account for over 75% of fertilisation and implantation failures. EPA and DHA block the production of prostaglandin which in turn promotes progesterone and the maintenance of pregnancy.

A specially formulated mineral and vitamin package is used which includes the following

  • Selplex selenium, which acts as a powerful antioxidant
  • Natural Vitamin E, which is 3 times more available during pregnancy than synthetic vitamin E
  • Optimins, which are considered to be the best sources of chelated copper and zinc on the market. 

Feeding Regime

Donor Cows to be fed for 4-5 weeks prior to flushing at a rate of 2kgs/head/day Recipient Cows/Heifers to be fed 2 weeks prior and 2-3 weeks after implantation at a rate of 2kgs/head/day.


Pregnasure contains glycerol, specific Omega 3 oil, specially formulated vitamin and mineral package


A high blood glucose level optimizes quality and quantity of eggs in donor cows. Pregnasure contains Omega-3 oils in a unique rumen protected form thus avoiding effects of oils in the rumen which can lead to reduced feed intakes. Vitamin E and selenium act as protection for the developing embryo against harmful oxidising agents

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