Maxcare Primer

Maxcare Primer meets the needs of the cow and the growing calf and also helps stimulate rumen development and hence dry matter intake post calving. Maxcare Primer contains key ingredients to help optimise the dairy cows essential metabolic processes:

Lactamine: a blend of essential Amino Acids to support calf development and regenerate udder tissues

Vitamins and Trace Elements: high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium increase immune response, Iodine helps stimulate growth and development of the calf, B vitamins improve liver function and other vitamins and Trace Elements are involved in essential metabolic processes.

Lactose: helps to develop the rumen wall and increase nutrient absorption

Yeast: helps maintain a stable rumen environment by scavaging oxygen and stimulating bacterial growth.

Anionic Salts: inclusion of specific levels of magnesium chloride helps calcium metabolism and offsets the risk of hypocalcaemia and also sub clinical milk fever symptoms such as retained placenta, depressed appetite and displaced abomasum.

Hoofcare: as specialist blend of minerals and vitamins helps in the production of keratin which hardens hooves, improves locomotion and gives protection against injury and infection.

Propylene Glycol: Supplies energy to reduce the risk of negative energy balance prior to calving.


Maxcare Primer contains lactamine, vitamins and trace elements, lactose, yeast, anionic salts, hoofcare and propylene glycol


Lactamine supports calf development and udder regeneration.

Vitamins and trace elements improve immune response, calf growth and essential metabolic processes.

Lactose stimulates rumen papillae.

Yeast maintains a stable rumen environment.

Anionic salts offset risk of milk fever.

Hoofcare hardens hooves.

Propylene glycol supplies essential energy

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