Greenline Calf

To promote health, intakes and growth of young calves, Greenline Calf is included in calf starter and calf rearer concentrate feeds. The combination of yeasts, specific sugars, and additives for gut protection promote good health and reduce the risk of scours and digestive disorders.

Greenline Calf includes a specific calf mineral to meet the mineral and vitamin requirements of a young calf.

Greenline Calf contains 'Mother smell stimulant' to stimulate calves to consume feed earlier and encourage papillae growth. Specific sugars are included to mop up lactic acid bacteria and act as a source of energy. Yeast is included to encourage intake and stabilise rumen pH. Derivatives from locust bean and chicory are included to promote gut health.


Specific organic acids,
High levels of vitamins and trace elements,
'Mother smell',              Yeast,                                                                                                                                             Extracts of locust bean and chicory.


1. Stimulates rumen development
2. Aids early development of the immune system
3. Attracts young to concentrate feed
4. Reduces lactic acid accumulation, helping to reduce the incidence of bloat
5. Develops rumen papillae, increasing absorptive capacity of the rumen)
6. Encourages increased intake

Trouw Nutrition product