Acid Guard 4

Optimal Rumen Acid Management

The inclusion in Acid Guard 4 of Trouwferm, Acid Buff and a blend of buffers, ensures 4 modes of action:
1. Increases lactate fermenting bacteria in the rumen with a positive effect on rumen pH, reducing the incidence of acidosis after meal feeding.
2. Increases cellulolytic bacteria in the rumen to give improved fibre digestion and good effects on performance: higher dry matter intake, milk yield, increased milk fat and protein.
3. A blend of buffers (including Acid Buff), buffers rumen contents, reducing the pH drop immediately after feeding.
4. Sodium has a positive effect on rumen function through the dilution of Hydrogen ions in the rumen (less acidic) and acts as a mediator of absorptive processes of anions and cations across the rumen wall which is important in preventing acidosis.
Feeding rates:
Dairy Cows 50 -100g/animal per day
Intensive Beef Cattle 50g/animal/day
Acid Guard 4 can be included in compound feed depending on amount fed to supply correct level per day.


Acid Guard 4 contains Trouwferm and specialist buffers


The combination of Aspergillus Oryzae and other yeasts has been shown in numerous trials to increase rumen pH, improve milk yield and improve live weight gain. Acid Buff reduces sub - acute ruminal acidosis (SARA) and maintains optimum rumen pH.

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