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  • Pulmofit

    Natural alternative for the management of critical phases linked to pulmonary diseases.

  • Maxcare Primer

    Priming cows for their next lactation. Maxcare Primer is a blend of key ingredients specifically included to help dairy cows prepare for their next lactation, by supplying adequate levels of energy, amino acids and vitamins and minerals

  • Acid Guard 4

    For Optimal Rumen Acid Management - Acid Guard 4 is a combination of ingredients to improve rumen efficiency and reduce the incidence of rumen acidosis.

  • Butterboost

    Butterboost is a rumen protected fat produced using the latest in fat processing technology which protects the fat from breaking down.

  • PulmoCx

    PulmoCx: is a combination of plants extracts and essential oils that helps in the management of critical phases relating to respiratory and intestinal tract in ruminants.

  • Pregnasure

    Pregnasure is a scientifically formulated blend of carbohydrates and specific Omega-3 oils designed to optimise the quantity and quality of transferable embryos and improve conception rates for transferred embryos

  • EMX Feed Additive

    EMX is a combination of plant extracts and essential oils that helps in performance through maintaining gut integrity.

  • Lactamine

    A specially formulated protected protein complex for dairy cows and sheep. Contains a balanced blend of high UDP proteins, fish oils and protected methionine.

  • Maxfat

    Maxfat is a combination of palm fatty acids and calcium. The calcium protects the fatty acids from break down in the rumen so as not to upset rumen function and be digested in the lower gut.

  • Maxcare Fertilitec

    Fertility booster for high performance dairy cows or pedigree beef cattle.