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We offer a wide range of products and product groups to meet the needs of our customers

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A combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements which have been specifically formulated by our expert team of nutritionists to meet the needs of all animal species

Our technical team can formulate a premix to your specific requirements or can advise on the most suitable product from our VMC range of standard premixes to meet all your requirements

Farm Minerals

A product range which has been formulated and produced specifically for use on farm

Farm minerals are produced for all species and  at the recommended feeding rates are designed to balance farm diets with correct levels of vitamins and minerals 

The potential for mineral and vitamin imbalance is greater as production potential in all species of farmed livestock has increased. Sub-clinical deficiencies due to under feeding or antagonistic interactions can lead to reduced growth and production; equally excessive supply is costly and detrimental to the environment. Our team of experienced nutritionists ensure the correct balance of supply and demand in all our Farm Minerals

Pig Creep (YAF)

Milkiwean baby pig feeds are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of young pigs to optimise growth and performance. Produced to the highest nutritional and QC standards in our specialist young animal feeds factory in Belgium, Milkiwean is rapidly becoming the brand of choice among discerning pig producers

Calf Milk Replacers (CMR)

Milk replacer production for young ruminants is one of the core business areas within Trouw Nutrition GB where our CMR's are produced. Research and development in milk replacer technology commands a large part of the research budget in order to provide farmers with the best products to deliver optimum animal performance.

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Feed Additives

We have a full range of ‘feed additives’, sourced from suppliers with a recognised quality certification, for inclusion in animal feeds. Our product range covers ruminant and monogastric species. Products from our sister company Selko include brands which improve feed preservation,nutritional performance and health as well as mill processing efficiency

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Animal Health Products (AHP)

We offer a range of animal health products including the Farm-o-san range, mineral and vitamin drenches as well as hoof and rumen conditioners. Our products are practical and easy to use and offer alternatives to prescribed antibiotics and veterinary medicines.

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Speciality Products

Trouw Nurition Ireland have produced a range of speciality products to meet particular demands of highly productive livestock. The range includes long established and proven products like Sopralin to more recent innovations such as Pregnasure, AO mix and Vivalto

Modern production systems have placed increasing demands on livestock and Trouw have continued through research and development to create innovative products to meet these demands

Our Product Catalogue contains information on some of the products we offer.


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