Milkivit Energizer is specifically designed for higher growth rates

6 January 2020

Offering calves a higher ‘LifeStart’ plane of nutrition (above 700g of powder per day) means calves will have higher growth rates.

However, many of the current milk replacers are designed for a lower feeding rate and the research shows they are not optimal or balanced for feeding at higher rates. This means that calves could be underfed certain nutrients and overfed others.

Milkivit Energizer has been specifically formulated for the calf’s nutrient requirements to ensure optimal development whilst supporting health. Similar to whole milk, Energizer is high in fat, ensuring the calf gets a high level of energy in every feed. The balance of vitamins and minerals has been formulated to support higher planes of nutrition and growth rates, to make sure that calves get the best possible LifeStart.

Energizer’s consistency of manufacture ensures safe feeding every time. The advanced technology of homogenization and spray-drying small fat globules, replicates the natural fats found in cow’s milk. This improves absorption and increases intakes for the calf, having a positive impact on health and performance.

In addition, as waste milk often contains antibiotic residues, feeding Energizer to calves will reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance developing in your herd.