IntelliBond M - a cost effective way to optimize the consistent delivery of manganese to animals

6 June 2019

The latest in our unique range of innovative, smart hydroxy trace mineral products, IntelliBond M is an improved, cost effective source of manganese required to support optimized animal productivity and well-being in livestock.


What is Manganese and why do animals need it?

Manganese is an essential trace mineral that is required by the animal to facilitate bone development, immune function, brain and nervous system function and reproduction. 

In order to support these critical functions the animal must receive a biologically available source of manganese in their diet every day.

How does it work?

IntelliBond M has the same stability benefits as IntelliBond C and Z.  It is highly insoluble above a pH of 4.0 protecting it from interactions with other essential nutrients in the diet. 

When IntelliBond M is exposed to a low pH environment (stomach of the pig, gizzard of the bird or abomasum of the ruminant), its crystals (Kempite) begin to move into solution, providing the animal with a consistent supply of biologically available manganese that is available for absorption across the intestinal wall.  This constant flow of absorbed manganese allows the animal to meet its physiological requirements.

What are the benefits?

Unlike more soluble inorganic trace mineral sources, IntelliBond M provides a gradual release of manganese in the lower pH environment of the gut, which ensures a consistent amount of biologically available manganese is available in the intestinal tract to match the daily nutritional needs of the animal.  

Benefits for mills

With IntelliBond, Trouw Nutrition has patented an OptiSizeĀ® particle technology. Each OptiSize particle contains several hundred IntelliBond M crystals contained within one, uniform 200-micron particle. This results in a stable product in the bag and in the feed. 

OptiSize particles are free flowing, allowing for excellent mixability and essentially no dust, which eliminates loss through dust collection, reduces carry over between batches and creates improved employee working conditions (as excess levels of dust originating from manganese products has been identified as a potential health hazard).