Trouw Nutrition Ireland launches Milkivit CMR marketing campaign for 2017

1 February 2017

Trouw Nutrition Ireland (TNI) have launched a new marketing campaign for our premium-quality calf mik replacer product, Milkivit.

In something of a departure from previous activity - and perhaps an intentional disruption of and move away from the rest of the market in Ireland - we have sought to promote the benefits of the CMR product to our target market, communicating on an almost emotional level rather than to simply rehash the usual ingredients and features of the competitors' products.

"Milkivit is a special calf milk" says TNI marketing manager Russell Moore. "More than just a way of feeding the young animal, Milkivit is beautifully made so that the calves really love it and, with our specially added oils, proteins, minerals and proteins, Milkivit also helps to promote health and a reduced need for antibiotics on farm, which of course is central to everything we're doing here at Trouw Nutrition and around the Nutreco corporation globally."

"We understand that today's discerning and progressive dairy-farming professional sees their calf herd as an investment in the future of their business and we know that, in Milkivit, they will have the milk replacer they need to help maximise the return on that investment and care."

As we say in the campaign, Milkivit really is 'more than just calf milk!'

For further information on the Milkivit range of premium-quality calf milk replacers in Ireland, contact us on +44 (0)28 9074 8233, at or click through to our product information page at