Farm-O-San Strategy Meeting Kick-starts Pilot Programme

6 December 2016

The first Farm-O-San ‘Selling to today’s professional farmer’ project meeting took place in London on 29th and 30th November, involving Trouw Nutrition teams from five different countries and distributors. Led by Global Product Manager for Animal Health Products, Jac Bergman, the meeting was held to initiate a pilot programme, focused on the optimisation of selling and marketing Farm-O-San products, which will be used to inspire other markets to get involved. 

“Today’s professional farmer is under increasing pressure to produce more with ever greater efficiency," said Jac. "Our focus is on how we can support this process through a customer-focused, integrated approach that combines the value of our sales, marketing and technical function. For the pilot a progressive thinking account has been identified in six countries. Each account will then be managed as if it were an individual market. The results can then be used to encourage the interest of other countries and other distributors, and the lessons learnt rolled out on a much wider scale.”

The countries attending included representation from Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Norway and over the two days each country team shared the potential opportunity of working with a specific distributor, alongside presentations on disruptive marketing and the power of PR.