Vision 2020 at a glance

At global and local level

Sustainable Sourcing

By 2020 we will have enabled our customers to purchase nutritional solutions with ingredients sourced through third party sustainability systems and promoted the use of those that are endorsed by our vendor policies

Sustainable Partnerships

Towards 2020 we will increase and strengthen our sustainability partnerships and supply chain projects

Flexible Solutions

By 2020 we will have lowered the barriers for increased food production through further reducing our dependency on scarce ingredients

Reducing Environmental Impact in our Operations

We will have halved the carbon footprint of our manufacturing plants in 2015 and of all our operations by 2020

Feed-to-Food Quality & Safety

By 2016 we will have implemented one standardised feed-to-food quality and safety approach world-wide based on the highest industry standards

Our Working Environment

By 2020 we will be at the top of our industry in employee satisfaction and labour market position

Employee Engagement

By 2016 our employees will be actively committed to Nutreco's contribution to the Feeding the Future challenge of feeding nine billion people in 2050 in a sustainable way

Stakeholder Engagement

Towards 2020 we will strengthen our leadership in the multi-stakeholder debate and initiatives around the sustainability challenges of our industry

Community Development

Towards 2020 we will enable more small farmers in our developing markets to raise their productivity by sharing our knowledge on basic agriculture and aquaculture

Developing Sustainable Nutritional Solutions

By 2016 our new nutritional solutions will be assessed on their sustainability benefits as an integral part of their development.  Towards 2020 sustainability will be fully integrated in our innovation processes leading to an increasing proportion of our portfolio having specific sustainability benefits

Farm & Feed Performance

Towards 2020 we will further enable farmers to improve their performance through predictive farm models and nutritional solutions that improve production efficiency and reduce emission levels

Animal & Human Health

Towards 2020 we will provide alternative technologies that improve animal health and performance and support our customers' efforts to reduce antibiotic use

Every company within the Nutreco Group develops a local Sustainability Action Plan based on the annual targets set by Nutreco.  These targets are defined by the Executive Board of Nutreco and are designed to ensure the Vision 2020 will be realised.

In 2013 our targets can be summarised as below:

  • Maintain and develop all achievements made to date
  • Further implement the Nutreco Energy Efficiency Plan (NEEP) assessment
  • Further implement the NEV routemap 2013
  • Identify and monitor monthly KPI's in operations
  • Ensure Nutrace® compliance >95%
  • Employees to participate in the Nutreco Employee Survey